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"I have had ongoing lower back problems for many years and it has been affecting my enjoyment of golf let alone my golf handicap. Brigit set up regular routines to work on my core and with regular appointments my game has improved hugely. I now do not have the stress on my back which affected my game and so long as I maintain the exercises it can only lead to a reduced handicap. I have been recommending Brigit to anyone who wants to improve their game." – Peter Clarke
"We have both just finished a pre-xmas Pilates program with Brigit and the impact was instantaneous. Will be following up post holidays for another update. For flexibility, removing creaks and groans, and staying ache free through a golfing round - honestly couldn't believe the results. Up to us to stick to but a very beneficial and logical healthy experience presented in a positive and simple fashion. Even a middle aged medium handicapper can understand. We couldn't recommend Brigit and her program highly enough." – Paul and Lynette O'Brien
"Best drive and distance from doing her classes. I need to keep up the homework to improve my game. Thoroughly recommend the Pilates." – Janice
“Thanks for a very beneficial Pilates course; I found muscles I didn't know I had! I now have confidence on the golf course that my body knows what it is supposed to do!  Just need to put the muscles to good use as often as possible, well worth it! "- Ava


"Golf Palates with Brigit has transformed my “sway swing” I now stare in amazement as my ball fly's away in the distance. With her knowledge as a Rep Golfer and expertise as a Physio, Brigit can really help improve your strength and balance to improve your swing. A very happy golfer!" Mary Mowbray
"My golf was going backwards and I decided to enroll in one of Brigit’s courses as I had heard nothing but positive reports from those that had done one. After 8 weeks of working on core muscles and improving my flexibility, I am back on track.  If you are frustrated with your body not doing what it once could do, get along to Brigit’s Golf Pilates courses I highly recommend them to anyone." - Margaret Simpson

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