Golf Potential programmes


Individualised training programmes incorporating muscle balance assessment and screening.


Musculo-skeletal screening identifies muscle imbalances that limit normal body movement and any compensations, swing faults or golf related injuries that may have developed.


Screening involves assessment of all related muscle groups, posture, range of motion, stability and balance.


Once all of this information has been assessed, an exercise programme is designed to restore normal range of motion, strengthen muscle groups and address any other areas requiring improvement.


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Golf Pilates: Golf specific pilates classes (small groups)


These classes are unique, designed for small groups of 5 with golf specific exercises, targeted to improve flexibility, strength and balance.


One hour classes run as part of an 8 week block.

4 week refresher classes are also available.


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Golf specific Power Plate® Acceleration training programmes


Golf Potential uses Power Plate® Advanced Vibration Technology, also used by PGA professionals all around the world to aid their fitness and prevent injury. It is designed to increase flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and overall coordination which are all critical elements in the golf swing. It also helps increase metabolism, bone mineral density and circulation.


“As a strength and conditioning coach on the PGA Tour, I train top ranked golfers including Phil Mickelson and the Power Plate is an integral part of my training programs. The benefits provided by Acceleration Training from the Power Plate for the golf swing are vast. I found it to provide immediate benefit in the areas of flexibility, balance, strength, and power relative to the biomechanics of the golf swing. I would recommend this piece of equipment to anyone looking to improve their golf.”  – Sean Cochran, PGA Strength Coach


The Power Plate® machine is designed to create instability in the human body. Standing on the Power Plate® platform elicits a natural reflexive response of muscle contractions 25 to 50 times per second for each vibration.  These contractions work in multiple dimensions as the Power Plate® machine oscillates in all three planes, exactly as the human body is designed to do. The net result is an incredible improvement in strength and power.


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Golf injury treatment and management


Brigit’s many years of experience as a physiotherapist enables her to diagnose and help manage all golf related injuries and recommend treatment that will get you back to playing the game as quickly as possible.

"Thanks for awakening our golfing muscles during the recent Golf Pilates programme. “Making a difference” with such expertise and passion  ….is a Gift."
Tyrone and Yvonne
Photos from left to right: Stability exercises with posture bars, Swiss ball flexibility exercises, improving core strength with posture bar rotation, core strengthening exercises.

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